Let take a glance at the best phone tracking apps 2020

Whether you are trying to track a person for a device, you need to have a tracker application. In case the targeted device you want to track is a mobile phone, you need to have a best phone tracking app that has robust features and is also safe to use. All mobile tracker applications come with various features that let you track the location, contacts, applications, and other things about the targeted device and the user. Whether you are trying to track your kids or your employees, these best phone tracking applications can help you in the best ways.

These tracking applications with their daunting features and wide range of options provide a greater pool of uses. This is the reason why we have picked the five best tracking applications for the mobile phone. You can find the list of the best tracking applications for a mobile phone below.

TheOneSpy App

TheOneSpy is one of the best tracking applications that you can find online—the robust and important features of this TheOneSpy application help in tracking the target device easily. You can track the location on Google Maps with an exact and precise location using this application. You can also track the contact list and the call logs as well. With this tracking application, you have the incentive of tracking the SMS and messaging threads as well. If you want to track a particular device or application, you can also use this mobile tracking application for that purpose. With all these robust features, TheOneSpy application is the best and most trusted mobile tracking application on our list. The best thing about TOS is that you can track and monitor the targeted devices remotely.


Hoverwatch is free tracking software for the mobile phone that had extremely useful applications and features. It is designed for both parents and employers to keep an eye on their kids and employees.

It is a free tracker that helps you track the call logs, history, and other mobile phone applications. However, there is a disadvantage of using Hoverwatch. If you want to track the activities of a targeted mobile phone, you need to access the target device physically to track the mobile phone. Moreover, the location feature of this application is not the best at accuracy.


Mspy is another popular application for tracking the mobile phone. However, the primary reason for developing this application is to help the parents to track their kid’s activities. With this application, it is super convenient to keep an eye on the little ones. It is an item made monitoring application that helps the parents for parenting and other aspects as well. You can track WhatsApp and other social media applications with this tracking app. It is also compatible with Android and IOS both.


Flexispy is a powerful tracking application that helps with the monitoring of computers and mobile phones. You can track the activities of both computer and mobile phone remotely with flexispy application. This application is not only incredible with its features, but it is also affordable. This cannot create accurate information and may not be the best if you are looking for precise knowledge and information.


The last one on the list is the Spyzie tracking application. This application counts as one of the advanced phone tracking applications that helps with the precise data about the targeted device. You can track your employees and other people with this application. This application does not require any rooting for the Android device; however, for the iOS device, there is rooting required. Also, this tracking application is easy to use; however, it is expensive and not the best for the people looking for an affordable option.


All in all, we recommend you get TheOneSpy application that is portable and provides precise information. The foremost thing about TOS best phone tracking app is you can monitor the target device remotely without them knowing. Rest, you can pick the one which suits you the most in terms of pricing and features.

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