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In Europe, it tends to be used as part of the male outfit and is even considered elegant and even male. Although this clothing is designed exclusively for women in Latin America, it tends to be worn as part of men’s outfit in Europe and is even considered elegant and even masculine. Oddly enough, this tradition began in the 16th century in Scotland, where due to the country’s climatic conditions, men who felt comfortable and had more freedom in their movements wore a long tunic called “kilt”.

The History of Kilts - Scotland Traditional Kilt - TwistyFaster

The accessory was then modernized in the form of a skirt. These skirts are made of 7 or 8 meters of wool, consist of several folds and are used rolled around the waist to the thighs. The fabric is usually embossed with multi-colored paintings, and although the color was originally determined by the region in which they were made, the types of “kilt” are currently assigned to different families for commercial reasons.

Scotland Traditional kilt

Despite its historical heritage, skirts were banned in England and Scotland in 1788 because they were seen as a sign of rebellion. However, their use prevailed and is still in force as a typical piece of clothing in Scotland. Although you don’t believe it, the right way to use the traditional “kilt” is without underwear, as this garment is made of thick woolen cloth and provides the necessary warmth, protection, and comfort.

There was no need to put anything underneath and was adopted as usual over the years. Although a real Scot shouldn’t wear it, nowadays it is allowed to wear it with underwear, because with the development of time, the variations of the climate, the humidity and even for hygienic reasons its use has been adapted to the new generations. However, this decision is at the discretion of the user.

About Scottish Fashion

Another strange fact about this distinctive Scottish fashion is that it is not referred to as rock in the UK because the “kilt” is only used by men. If this is not enough, they are considered a garment that represents masculinity The Scots currently reserve the right to use them for family celebrations, national dates, special occasions and even for sports purposes. It was also used by royal members.

The History of Kilts - Scotland Traditional Kilt - TwistyFaster

It was so important that this garment had been acquired over the years, that on January 9th the day or day of the dressing up of the “kilt” was celebrated in the United Kingdom, so many Hollywood stars and great representatives of the music who were in the habit To proudly incorporate this accessory into their daily life, wear it today with greater feeling as a symbol of love and respect for your country and its customs. It can be combined with other accessories. For example, the legs are wool socks that are folded below the knee and adorned with suspenders, and a small dagger is hidden in the upper part of the stocking.

Leather shoes are worn on the feet, the braids of which are tied over the ankles, while traditionally a belt and a small leather bag are attached to the waist, which hangs on a chain or a strap. A small needle is usually added to the fabric of the upmykilt which is used to decorate and provide weight. All of these accessories are accompanied by a white shirt, tie or bow tie, and jacket.

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