How turmeric helps to stay healthy

Turmeric is one of the most widely available edible ingredients/spices with an abundance of antibiotics and antiseptic properties. There are almost 100 different compounds in turmeric. One of them is curcumin, the active ingredient that produces most of the spice’s health benefits.

In India, it is used in almost every kitchen and in every kind of meal. It is easily available and cheap as well. It can be consumed in both raw and dried powdered form. In India, it is also used as a skincare ingredient. Turmeric helps in fading dark spots on the skin, it helps subsiding blemishes and pimples. It lightens the skin and gives a healthy glow to it. Turmeric is used on small cuts and burns as an antiseptic. Because of its healing properties, it is widely used on skin and body as well. It is an important part of auspicious rituals in India. During any auspicious occasion, turmeric is always used as a sacred ingredient. It is used during offering prayers, in marriages, on births and deaths as well. It can’t be avoided at least in India.   There are multiple benefits of turmeric. The easiest way to fetch out these benefits is the use of Turmeric every day. Turmeric can be used in a couple of forms. Few of them are

  • Turmeric can be used as a spice in many kinds of recipes. You can add it while cooking your food. It enhances the taste of your food as well as gives it a pure yellow color.
  • Turmeric has antiseptic and antibiotic properties. It has the power to heal the external and internal wounds of the body. There are certain ways of consuming it in such cases. If the wound is external, mix turmeric with warm clarified butter(ghee) and apply on the injury with the help of a cotton ball. This will heal the wound and protect it from any further damage and pus formation. In some parts of India, especially in states with a tropical climate, lime(chuna) is mixed with turmeric to heal external wounds.
  • For internal wounds, mix one tablespoon turmeric in hot milk and sip it slowly, preferably during bedtime. This will help heal any internal injury caused by any means of accident.
  • A small piece of raw turmeric consumed early morning with an empty stomach boosts up the immune system. It helps to cure skin problems and cleans the liver. It’s an amazing tonic for the liver.
  • There has been no solid evidence against its cancer prevention, but some data states that the curcumin present in turmeric helps in killing cancer cells.
  • Most of the research on curcumin and cancer has been done in the laboratories, there are some actual results in humans. In research published in Clinical Cancer Research, analysts examined the effects of curcumin in people with pancreatic cancer. The patients received 8 grams (g) of curcumin orally daily. Results showed that the amalgam had “biological activity” in some patients. One independent patient even experienced a small, but significant, tumor relapse.
  • Turmeric has the ability to protect healthy cells from damage caused by radiation therapy. In a study published in Radiation Research, scientists noticed the effects of curcumin in 30 patients with breast cancer. They found that 6 g of oral curcumin consumed daily during radiotherapy reduced the aggression of radiation dermatitis damage to the epidermis (the outermost layer of the skin) caused by radiation.
  • There are multiple Turmeric Benefits that can be fetched by consuming it. Some general benefits are doubtless, but rest assumed needs some more research on them. We can’t deny the fact that turmeric has potential medical properties and it cures a lot of irregularities in the human body. Only the thing we should know is how and when to consume it.  Proper intake of it can surely give us a healthy body and a stronger immune system.

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