Is Discord Nitro Worth it?

So you love Discord! Now you want to know whether Discord Nitro is worth it? Well, don’t get confused. This blog will help you. We will analyze the features you get with Nitro. Also, we will look at what is Discord Nitro and why it matters?

What is Discord Nitro?

As we all know, Discord is the most popular gaming chat app. Few of us know what Discord Nitro is? Discord Nitro is the premium membership offered by Discord. It comes in two different variations. One is the Nitro Classic, and the other one is Nitro.

Nitro Classic is available at $4.99 per month while Nitro is available at $9.99 per month. While these prices are affordable, Discord also offers massive discounts on yearly subscriptions. Nitro priced $99.99 a year, while Nitro Classic costs $49.99 a year. See, the free version of it also has many amazing features like Discord Text To Speech etc. But what you get more in a premium subscription? In this article, I would be telling you about it only. So now let us look into the features you get with the premium Discord.

● Global Emojis

If you are using emojis while chatting in one server, you might want to use them on another server too. It can only happen when you are using Discord Nitro. Though, you can only use all emojis in its server with free Discord.

● Streaming

The motive behind the development of Discord app is to help the gamers to live stream their gameplay. So, Discord Nitro enables you to stream at source quality. Also, you can stream at 1080p at 60fps with Discord Nitro Classic. While with the free version you can screen share at 720p at 30fps.

● Custom Discord Tag

There is a four-digit code in the username. Now if you want to change these four numbers, you need Discord Nitro subscription. You can change the four numbers to any number you like as long as it is not taken before by other users.

● Increased Upload Limit

Now, as the Discord is rising in usability, many people are using it for various purposes. Some students have made servers related to the study. Also, there are servers related to movies. These kinds of servers need to share big files. Thus, Discord Nitro is quite helpful for users. It allows you to upload files up to 50mb for Nitro Classic users and 100mb for Nitro users. While on the free version you can upload the only 8mb.

● Animated Avatars

Discord is all about having fun. Discord Nitro enhances your style by allowing you to upload GIF images as a new profile picture. It means your profile image won’t be static. Your animated avatars will give you uniqueness among other users.

● Nitro Badge

Discord Nitro also offers a Badge that is always on display along with the username. It shows you are an active user. It also shows your contribution and commitment to Discord services.

● Server Boosting

Discord Nitro not only helps users but also is helpful for servers. It allows you to boost the server every week. When two users boost the same server, it gets new 50 emojis slots and an audio upgrade. Not only this but It also offers a custom invite background plus an animated avatar for the server icon.

When your server gets ten boosts, you get access to better audio. A server banner and access for every member in the server to upload files up to 50mb is also given.

That means Discord Nitro is also helpful for you to show support towards any server. You can boost your favorite servers as you wish. This is another great feature of Discord Nitro.


If you are a regular user of Discord, you must buy the premium membership. But if you use Discord for chatting with your friends, you won’t be using features of Discord Nitro. And if you are very active in the community, then it’s recommended that you should contribute too.

But if you are a creator of an active server, Discord Server becomes a necessity. You can always choose between Nitro and Nitro classic by analyzing what will you do.

If you want to use new and specific features, then Discord Nitro Classic is worth try. But, if you’re going to stream your gameplay to a broader audience, you can choose Discord Nitro.
To conclude, Discord Nitro is a feature-enriched subscription that we can use as per our needs.

I hope this article would have been helpful to you. Still, If you have any queries left then you can ask through comments. I will try to reply as soon as possible. Moreover, If you are planning to purchase Discord Nitro. Don’t forget to tell use your experience after using it. We all would love to hear it from you.

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