How To Differ Genuine Leather from Faux Leather While Buying Leather Luggage

The reason why so many people choose to buy leather luggage is that they have many advantages. But in the market of luggage, genuine leather and faux leather appear together, making the purchase more challenging. It’s necessary for you to get to know the difference between genuine and faux leather.

Check the Label of Leather Luggage

It’s the first step to judge whether the product is genuine or not. Genuine leather luggage producers always boast authenticity of their products and proudly state the fact that what they made is real by marking on the labels while the fake producers will compellingly show their fakeness on the label. Never buy goods with words like “man-made” on the label.

Observe the Appearance of Leather Luggage

As leather is a kind of material which is made of the hides or animal skins after a series of the complicated tanning process, it enjoys many features of natural leather. Real leather is a bit thicker and stiffer than faux leather.
These pores distributed on the real one are more irregular while pores on the fake one are consistent or in a repeated pattern. Carefully observe the edges or the seams of the leather. The edges or the seams of real ones look rougher while fake ones feature smoothness and regularity.

Smell the Odors of Leather Luggage

The odor is a sign of real leather. It has a strong distinctive smell which is quite pleasant for most people. Real ones smell like clean animal skin while faux leather has a strong smell of plastic. That’s because, during the manufacturing process of fake leather, the producers use resin, wax, dye, polyurethane, and water splashing for a natural leather coloring effect. With the development of techniques, producers add something special so that lots of unreal leather luggage is sprayed with a similar odor of animal hides. Therefore you should judge with super senses.

Pinch Leather Luggage

Feel the texture of leather. The fake leather has a usual artificially smooth plastic feel. When you feel the fabric at the real leather luggage, you will feel the textures ranging from coarse to silky smooth depending on the types and grades of the genuine leather. Press the surface of the leather. Genuine leather has better elasticity than a fake one. There will be a slight wrinkle on the genuine leather while being pressed. And once your fingers leave the leather, the wrinkles will disappear at once. At the same time, there will no wrinkles on the fake feather if you pinch.

An Overview on Faux Leather Luggage

Faux leather is used more and more as an alternative to genuine leather. It has gained great popularity among many people. Faux leather is also widely used as the material of luggage. Compared with genuine leather luggage, faux leather one affords many advantages.

Why Faux Leather Luggage Is Popular?

As is known, faux leather luggage is much cheaper than the genuine one. Genuine leather luggage is made of natural skins of animals like pigs, cattle, and sheep. Therefore, the costs will be high and can’t be afforded by all the people. Environmentalists and people who make their efforts to protect animals think it cruel and unethical to fetch genuine leather by killing thousands of animals and therefore advocate using artificial leather to replace real leather.

Artificial leather luggage is much lighter than the real one. Artificial leather can be classified into four main types, leather, Naugahyde, faux leather and leatherette. Different types may also have many special functions. For example, polyurethane can be dry-cleaned and washed therefore, it’s easy to clean. Accordingly, artificial leather needs less maintenance while genuine leather luggage must be attended carefully and with great attention. If you don’t care for genuine leather products, they will easily lose their luster, softness, and smoothness.

Making craft of artificial leather is much more experienced. Its fabric is more and more durable. Therefore, leather luggage made of faux leather can be durable enough to hold any stuff you must take during your vacation.

How to Care for Faux Leather Luggage?

Although faux leather luggage is less expensive and needs less complicated maintenance than its genuine counterpart, you can also prolong its life span by maintaining it in a careful way.

Step 1. Choose a whole repair kit exclusive for faux leather which is available in home improvement shops.
Step 2. Clean the surface of luggage with professional cleaner included in the repair kit or rubbing alcohol. Let the faux leather dry naturally.
Step 3. If some parts of faux leather luggage begin to become off-color, prepare the adhesive and the pigment which matches the color of your luggage. Mix the pigment and the adhesive on a plate with mixing sticks. Wipe the liquid on these parts of faux leather items.

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